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A tiny, cross-platform, module based, MIT-licensed web server.

Written entirely in C#, cross-platform, extensible, small memory footprint, with support to REST APIs, CORS and WebSockets.

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A set of AngularJS directives and C# classes designed to rapidly build modern web applications. Tubular features a fully templateable grid with lots of features such as server-side pagination, multi-column sorting and filtering, built-in export to CSV (client-side), and in-line editing of rows via templates.

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If you are using Angular2, you can preview our future solution release at Tubular2.

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PassCore is a very simple 1-page web application written in C#, using ASP.NET 5, Bootstrap, AngularJS and Microsoft Directory Services. It allows users to change their Active Directory password on their own, provided the user is not disabled.

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Previous MVC 4 version

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SWAN stands for Stuff We All Need

Repeating code and reinventing the wheel is generally considered bad practice. At Unosquare we are committed to beautiful code and great software. SWAN is a collection of classes and extension methods that we and other good developers have developed and evolved over the years. We found ourselves copying and pasting the same code for every project every time we started it. We decide to kill that Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V cycle once and for all. This is the result of that idea.

Our philosophy is that SWAN should have no external dependencies, it should be cross-platform, and it should be useful.

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A cool little wrapper for SQLite based on Dapper.

LiteLib is a library that helps you get the job done quickly and easily by defining POCO classes and turns those classes into SQLite-mapped tables.

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Pi's hardware access from Mono

The Raspberry Pi's IO Functionality in an easy-to-use API for Mono/.NET/C#. Our mission is to make Mono a first-class citizen in the Python-centric community of Raspberry Pi developers.

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More projects from our lab . . .


WaveShare Fingerprint Reader - Interfacing Library for .NET
GitHub | Documentation


TinySine USB/Wireless Relay Module TOSR1x - Interfacing Library for .NET
GitHub | Documentation


FFME is a close drop-in replacement for Microsoft's WPF MediaElement Control
GitHub | Documentation


A command-line tool that enables quick build and run deployments over SSH


The long-awaited C# (.net/mono) wrapper for the great fprint library
GitHub | Documentation


A set of Modules to extend EmbedIO functionality
GitHub | Documentation


Unosquare Labs EntityFramework.EnterpriseExtensions Library contains a set of useful helpers and classes to common tasks related to process and data manipulation in enterprise
GitHub | Documentation


OWIN Middleware that it can help to resolve tenants
GitHub | Documentation

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