Tubular provides several directives, services and some filters to deliver an unified UX. Please follow the next link classified by UX component. You can read about Tubular component or check every directive documentation in the left navigation menu. If you want to report an issue or you want to see a new feature, please report it at Tubular GitHub Issues Tracker.

Grids (tbGrid Component)

The Grid component is a table-aware directive's set when you can build and design any tabular data connecting to different data sources like REST Services (using .NET Connector). You can learn more with the following links:

Forms (tbForm Component)

You can create forms with Tubular and take advantage of helpful controls with a lot of out-of-box features. The forms can be rendered in a page, a modal or even inside the tbGrid. Learn more at:

DotNet Documentation

Tubular DoNet Library provides an easy way to start working with Tubular grids in your backend.


Tubular can help you to deliver charts using ChartJS or HighCharts. This module is new and it is work in progress.