The tbTypeaheadEditor directive is autocomplete editor, it can get information from a HTTP source or it can get them from a object declared in the attributes.

It uses the TubularModel to retrieve column or field information.

Directive's attributes

Param Type Details
name string

Set the field name.

value object

Set the value.

isEditing boolean

Indicate if the field is showing editor.

showLabel boolean

Set if the label should be display.

label string

Set the field's label otherwise the name is used.

help string

Set the help text.

required boolean

Set if the field is required.

options object

Set the options to display.

optionsUrl string

Set the Http URL where to retrieve the values.

optionsMethod string

Set the Http Method where to retrieve the values.

optionLabel string

Set the property to get the labels.

css string

Set the CSS classes for the input.