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A tiny, cross-platform, module based, MIT-licensed web server for .NET Framework and .NET Core.
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Written entirely in C#, using our helpful library SWAN.

Network operations use the async/await pattern: Responses are handled asynchronously.

Multiple implementations support: EmbedIO can use Microsoft HttpListener or internal Http Listener based on Mono/websocket-sharp projects.

Cross-platform: tested on multiple OS and runtimes. From Windows .NET Framework to Linux MONO.

Extensible: Write your own modules -- For example, video streaming, UPnP, etc. Check out EmbedIO Extras for additional modules.

Create REST APIs quickly with the out-of-the-box Web API module.

Serve static or embedded files with 1 line of code (also out-of-the-box).

Handle sessions with the built-in LocalSessionWebModule.


EmbedIO BearerToken

EmbedIO LiteLibWebApi


Butterfly EmbedIO

By Fireshark Studios, LLC

Microsoft AspNetCore Server EmbedIO

By Dju